Monday, March 29, 2010


In class this week we had a good guest speaker. His topic was not interesting in my mind but he delivered it very passionately which kept my attention. It made me think on the vast hobbies and interests of different people. In my mind musicals will never be anything I will pay money or time to watch. Even if I was in New York I would still not waste the effort to get tickets to a Broadway show. Many people give hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to see musicals. I just couldn’t waste that type of money on a show. I believe the vast differences of American opinion give this country a great selection. I love sports and would not think twice about spending a hundred dollars on a game ticket. Many people would think I was crazy for doing this but it’s my hobby and I’m very passionate about sports. I just thought it was very interesting how musicals also have a huge following. Before the presentation I always thought musicals to be a girly event. When he asked how many have seen a musical many guys in the class raised their hands. This made me think maybe guys can watch musicals too without being called a wimp or worse. I thought the presentation gave a great insight on how musicals can be enjoyed by anybody. It also gave me more respect because it takes a lot in funding and production to make a musical occur on Broadway. For an investor it’s a huge gamble but they do it for the reward of the musical not the money involved.

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