Monday, March 22, 2010


After reading consumers republic I didn’t realize how important mass consumption was for the growth of America. After World War II many Americans were convinced to mass consume for the benefit of the country. Mass consumption meant growth in companies. With the growth of companies it started and helped secure jobs for many people because there was such a demand for goods. Some of the more popular goods were house appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. Since mass consumption was happening at a high pace creditors started getting more involved in Americans lives. Almost over half the people who bought cars used credit to buy them. This was intrigued to me because it hasn’t changed much since that time. Most cars today are bought on credit and it still a major factor in a lot of Americans lives. Many people get into debt and can never get out of it. Credit was supposed to help people build up the country by mass consumption and instead it put a lot of people in a hard position. I believe America is till in the mind of mass consumption. Today we just don’t have the jobs and income to mass produce like the previous generations. Looking at it the state of the economy it might be a smart thing for Americans who can mass produce consume large quantities of goods. I believe this would help open up jobs for many others. Instead a lot of people with money are holding onto it and not consuming any high quality goods. In my opinion the people who are doing this are really hurting the economy.

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