Sunday, April 4, 2010


The readings in class this week reminded me of my family. I was raised in a very small mountain town in western North Carolina. Since my town is in the so called “bible belt” a lot of decorations and items dealing with Christianity I can relate with. My grandma was the first person I though of when reading about Christian decorations and items. She is a very spiritual woman and her house has many Christian decorations. When the book was looking at these decoration, family bible, and other Christian things it made me think about if her decorated house is truly a way of worship or just to prove a point that she is a Christian. I’m a Christian but I do not believe that decorating or buying items t shows my faith. In other words I believe someone acts and lives as a Christian not on what they can purchase or decorate their house with. Some people decorate their houses with Christian items but do not live right or go to church. Other people go to church just as a social thing. It’s such a small town if someone sees you not in church what would people say or think. When living with my family and in my small hometown I never thought like this. I think I was too close to the situation. Now when I look back I can see that a lot of things they do dealing with Christian items and decorations is just a habit. A lot people where a cross around their neck as a symbolism of their faith, but many who do are not quality individuals. I believe people who are Christians should act like a Christian instead of trying to symbolize their faith with religious items you can buy at a store.